Career and Technical Academy


at Colby High School 


The Career & Technical Academy prepares students for high-wage, high-demand technical careers and helps them to be College and Career Ready.  College and Career Ready means an individual has the academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skills, and employability skills to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry-recognized certification or in the workforce, without the need for remediation. 

In the Career and Technical Academy, students will create a customized degree completion plan for max accumulation of college credit while simultaneously completing high school graduation requirements.  This is the first year for the Career and Technical Academy at Colby High School.  The legislation that makes this possible is SB155; which provides student tuition support, aid in school transportation costs and incentives to high schools to provide these types of programs.

Junior and senior students from any public or private high school, including home and online schools are eligible to participate in the Career & Technical Academy. Students must be in good standing and meet any prerequisite requirements established by the program.  Currently, we have 30 students in the program; including one child who is homeschooled and another student who is out of district. 

The Career and Technical Education program through the Kansas Board of Regents pays the tuition for high school students taking technical education courses. The cost to Career and Technical Academy students is minimal; limited to required books, supplies, and clothing.  In some cases, the cost these items may be covered through special grants available to the Career and Technical Academy and/or its sponsoring institutions.

Colby Community College (CCC) and Northwest Tech (NWT) are both accredited Higher Learning Commission institutions that are partnering with us. College credits earned are transferable to other American institutions of higher education. For more information on transfer equivalencies and articulations, please contact the appropriate personnel at CCC and/or NWT.  Troy Bielser is the CCC Outreach Coordinator and can be contacted at [email protected] .  Diane Stiles is the contact person at NWT at [email protected].  If you would like to pursue any of the following Options, please contact Mrs. Karen Sullivan at the CHS Career Center. [email protected]

Four (4) study options are available for students (as follows):

Option 1

Students attend Engine Technology (NWT) courses on the CHS campus Monday through Friday. Start and end times are dependent upon course times.

Option 2 Hybrid Program

These programs offer a “blended” delivery model of online and face-to-face sessions. Some students will travel to the post-secondary institution site for practical assessments, clinical training and assessment, specialized orientation or “boot camp” experiences.

Students choose from the following:


Colby Community College offerings:

•Massage Therapy Certificate                            •Health Assistant Specialist Certificate

•Sustainable/Renewable Energy                    •Solar Photovoltaic Technical Certificate

•Small Wind Technology Tech Certificate   •Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) Certificate


Northwest Tech offerings:

•Electrical Technology                                          •Engineering Technology

•Computer Graphic Technology                       •Business Technology

•Mobile Application and Entertainment Development

Option 3 Online

Students complete coursework primarily on-line. The Career and Technical Academy will offer a facilitated computer lab for students completing their online course work. Non-USD 315 students who wish to complete online course work outside the Career and Technical Academy may do so under the approval/support of their sponsoring high school. Students choose from the following online programs/courses:


Career and Technical Education offerings:

•Police Science

•Medical Coding Certificate

•Computer Support Specialist Technical Certificate (some on-campus courses)

•Computer Application Essentials Certificate of Completion

•Accounting Technical Certificate (some on-campus courses)

•Virtual Office Assistant Online Technical Certificate


                  Regular education offerings (no tuition waiver):

•English Composition I                                         •English Composition II

•Fundamentals of Oral Communication       •Public Speaking

•Principles of Macroeconomics                         •Principles of Microeconomics

•State and Local Government                             •General Psychology

•Developmental Psychology                              •World Civilization 1600 to Present

•Philosophy of Thought & Logic                       •World Religions


Option 4 CHS Career & Technical Education courses  (no college credit)

CHS course offerings may be used to meet prerequisite program requirements, expand career options for additional areas within the 16 Career Clusters, or to provide students the opportunity to participate in Career and Technical Education programs not sponsored by their home/district school. These courses award high school credit only. Times and delivery of CHS Career and Technical Education courses are dependent upon the annual master schedule. Students seeking coursework through Colby High School should consult CHS Counselor; Joni Clark-Leiker prior to enrollment. Students may choose from the following CHS programs:


Agriculture Science & Power Structural and Technical

         •Agriscience                           •Agribusiness                           •Soil and Plant Science               •Animal Science                               •Engineering in AG                      •Power Applications


Arts, AV and Communications

                  •Graphic Design Fundamentals     •Graphic Design                         •Photo Imaging

                  •21st Century Journalism           •Video Production                                 •Computer Graphics


Information Technology

•Computer Applications                              •Computing Systems          •Computer Programming

•Visual Basic Programming                       •C++ Programming             •Web Page Design

•Game Design                                                   •Animation                              •Robotics


Architecture & Construction

•Woods I, II


Health Science

•Health Science I, II, III, IV, V, VI


Human Services

•Foundations to Early Childhood           •Family Studies                    

•Early Childhood Applications                •Human Growth & Development  


Law & Public Safety

•Intro to LPSS                                                    •Law & Public Safety I        •First Aid/CPR/EMR

•Law & Public Safety II


Business, Finance, & Marketing

•Business Essentials                                      •Business Economics          •Entrepreneurship

•Business Communications                       •Business Management    •Accounting         

•Business Law


Hospitality & Tourism

•Culinary Essentials  •Culinary Arts I   •Culinary Arts II                    •Culinary Applications

•Foundations of Lodging                             •Lodging Management I   •Lodging Management II
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