My Big Campus
Many students and educators at Colby Public Schools are using My Big Campus (MBC), a web-based social learning network developed for K-12 school districts. This service is brought to us at no additional charge as we use Lightspeed Systems for our Internet filtering.  Designed with built-in safety features, the service provides a monitored and secure means of providing educational and social media tools in classrooms. The main focus of My Big Campus is to provide a safe environment for online learning and collaboration.  If you would like a more extensive overview of My Big Campus click here.

My Big Campus integrates with our local network and Lightspeed Systems filtering policies to ensure resource sharing and safe access.  It provides monitoring and reporting to enforce acceptable use policies as a digital learning environment that safely extends the classroom online.

Every teacher is different, and procedures vary from classroom to classroom. That's why MBC tools are versatile – allowing educators the ability to decide the best methods for teaching classes on My Big Campus. 

Additional ways that My Big Campus is being used

       Collaborative Writing: The teacher uses collaborative documents on My Big Campus to engage students with creative writing, discussion boards on novels, and much more.

       Virtual Field Trips: A group of students can participate in virtual field trips to places a class could never dream to go in real life.

        Flipped Classroom: The teacher delivers instruction on a different timeframe - doing traditional homework in class and watching recorded lecture at home.

        Mobile Learning: The teacher embraces mobile learning and use of digital devices such as cell phones in schools in preparation for the real world.

In a nutshell, My Big Campus is:

  • One-stop WEb 2:0:  Closed messaging, group chat, blogging, discussions, wiki-like group pages, calendar, file storage, assignments, assessments
  • Student discussions, projects, differentiated learning
  • Professional learning communities


  • Resource sharing across schools, districts, nations
  • Websites, videos, files, lessons
  • Topics and individual following


  • Integrated with network and filter for user authentication
  • Submissions to Resource Library are CIPA-compliant 
  • Resources bypass filter to access good stuff in frequently-blocked sites
  • No new login credentials to remember


  • All accounts initiated by a verified educator
  • Access controlled by policy
  • No anonymity, first and last names required to display


  • System filters:
    • Profanity interception in English and Spanish
    • Viruses and skin-tone analysis of uploaded files
  • User policing to report abuse
  • Full reporting for AUP enforcement:
  • predefined suspicious activity reports
  • customizable reporting by user, keyword, date range
  • accessible by students' teachers, school admins, district admins, and My Big Campus staff

 If you have questions about My Big Campus, please contact the Curriculum Department at