PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a printed calendar, the site of the basketball games this Friday is incorrect.  Colby plays Holcomb HERE on Dec. 19th with the games starting at 4:45.

A JV Wrestling tournament has been added to the schedule.  The JV Wrestling tournament is this Thursday, Dec. 18th at McCook-starting time 4:00 p.m.


Invest in The Future- Get Involved

We often stress to our students that they should get involved but many may wonder why getting involved in school is important.  Students who participate in extracurricular activities can connect with a new social group and have the opportunity to work as a team towards positive results.  For many students participating in a sport or club will spark the beginning of a lasting friendship.  Students have the opportunity to learn about teamwork, self discipline, and communication by participating in school activities.  As the students learn to work together, they become a team, and teams work together towards a common goal.  Many workplaces are now stressing the value of being able to work as a team on projects.  Teamwork can help prepare our students for the future.    Another rewarding component to involvement is self discipline, the idea that “you are who you are when no one else is around”.  People of character define themselves by demonstrating self-discipline; this skill can be learned through participating in a school sponsored sport or activity.  

We are fortunate to have a wide variety of activities here at Colby High School. I highly encourage staff, parents, and community members to continue to support our students getting involved with school activities.  The experiences that they will receive are Priceless and will continue to touch them throughout their whole life.  For a complete list of our school activities, please check the activities page on our school website, or contact me

Parent involvement is also important in a student’s life. Your interest in their academic success is vital.  By communicating with and supporting the school, and attending activities when possible, you show that you care about your child’s success in all their endeavors.  Your child will benefit from your support.

Go Eagles!


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